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Better Planet Schools

Better Planet Schools is an online environmental education programme, created by the Young People's Trust for the Environment to engage children and teachers in the UK's primary schools. The programme aims to engage students and teachers to learn about and take action on key issues like saving energy to tackle climate change; reducing use of plastics and other waste and increasing recycling; fast fashion; air pollution; and creating new habitats for wildlife to thrive. Schools choose three modules per year, with each module lasting a school term. With new modules being created each year, children and schools can be engaged year after year in learning more about key environmental issues and how they can make a difference with their actions.

There are opportunities to sponsor this initiative starting at just £100 per school per annum. 



Our flagship initiative was established in 2018 with an aim of securing £100 million worth of funding to support cities and towns to become

 cleaner, healthier and more prosperous places to live, work and visit. To date we have secured £48.8 million for 'sustainable city' projects, which have supported energy efficiency and generation investments in schools, helped build a business case for investing in green infrastructure and developed road maps to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

We focus on delivering support to the UK's cities and towns across three main areas: achieving net zero (incl. energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes and the transition to a circular economy); building climate resilience (incl. urban greening, nature-based solutions and improving air quality); and innovative financial solutions (incl. both private and public sector sources of funding).

To find out how you can join (and benefit from) Creating Sustainable Cities please visit

We specialise in providing expertise, guidance, and solutions to organisations from the public, private, third and academic sectors

to integrate sustainability and environmental considerations into their day-to-day activities and long-term strategies:

     Sustainability Strategy Development

  • Conducting assessments to understand key organisational values, objectives and existing sustainability practices.

  • Creating comprehensive strategies that are aligned with client goals and benchmarked against industry best practice.

  • Establishing measurable targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and enable reporting/performance review. 

​     Project Development & Communication

  • Undertaking research to understand market drivers and consumer demands for sustainable products and services.

  • Providing detailed reviews of public and private funding that is available to finance sustainability projects.

  • Writing grant funding applications - from concept through to final submission.

  • Developing communication content and strategy to market and promote sustainable practices and products (including building internal capacity).

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