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Remote Working

After five years of office life in the West End of London we have taken the decision to switch to remote working. It has presented an excellent opportunity to actively demonstrate how new ways of working following the Covid-19 pandemic can help contribute to delivering a net zero business.

Please Note

That due to limited resources our team will not be able to respond to:


  • Grant and financial requests from other charities, NGOs etc.

  • Overseas organisations wishing to partner with us (our focus is on supporting UK organisations at present)

  • Unsolicited requests from individuals for financial support (for example assisting with a research posting).


  • Speculative CVs – we will advertise all of our posts online, as and when they become available.

  • Requests for legal support - we no longer offer a pro bono service for charities and NGOs and would instead recommend TrustLaw, which is a pro bono service offered by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Media and News Updates

We have taken the decision not to use social media until there is more accountability on the various platforms. Therefore, to get the latest news and updates from Ibex Earth you will need to subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for contacting Ibex Earth, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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