instigating long-term, sustainable

change for our planet.



We work to make the UK's cities and towns more sustainable, looking to increase the volume of sustainable energy, accelerate the uptake of green infrastructure and promote more active travel - we want to find solutions to common challenges around air and water quality, adapting to the future impacts of climate change and improve health and well- being for local communities.

We developed Creating Sustainable Cities as an initiative to engage with the UK's city-leaders and influencers to make a real impact across the UK's urban landscapes.


We promote biodiversity and healthy ecosystems as the solution to some of the most pressing issues society now faces - ending poverty, improving health, providing clean water and mitigating the future impacts of climate change - which is why we established the Green Square Mile to support the work of some of the world's leading conservation charities and NGOs. 

If you are an organisation that is based in and around the City of London then we would love to hear from you and let you know how you can take part in the Green Square Mile.



We bring together organisations and individuals from the private, public, third and academic sectors to create a world class network of influencers - the mission is to connect people that can make a significant impact in delivering long-term, sustainable change to our planet at a local or global level.


Bringing these four sectors together is a vital step in delivering a more sustainable future. Yet, it is often overlooked. If you operate within the sustainability sector then please do get in touch and join our ever growing network.



We run an award winning sustainability consultancy that specialises in sustainability strategy, brand and reporting, corporate social responsibility and helping secure funding for our clients from domestic and European sources. What sets us apart from other organisations in this area is that all of our profits go directly towards supporting environmental and conservation projects and that is how we will always run. So, in addition to receiving a fantastic service, you will be helping to make a positive impact upon our planet.

For 2018 and 2019 we will be donating the profits we raise to Young People's Trust for the Environment, Tusk, Helping Rhinos and Fauna & Flora International.

We are a not for profit organisation that was established in 2008 to instigate long-term, sustainable change for our planet and the incredible diversity of life that it contains.

We operate as a sustainability consultancy that specialises in provide an award winning advisory and project management service to our clients from the private, public, third and academic sectors.

We ensure that all of our projects are invested back in to environmental and conservation projects that support some of the UK's leading NGOs.

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We are a not for profit sustainability consultancy that specialises in delivering sustainable city programmes and environmental CSR projects.

We thrive on the strength of our network. We work with leading figures from the public, private, third and academic sectors to deliver inspirational projects.

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