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Maxime Jullian is a postgraduate from Imperial College London with a passion for climate change and entrepreneurship. He founded The Climate Hackademy, in 2017, with a vision to educate global citizens and help create a new generation of sustainable entrepreneurs, driving

technological climate innovation worldwide. He achieves this through a platform that offers entrepreneurship workshops, online learning courses, climate hackathons, start-up development programs, and consultancy services on sustainable development projects around the world.

His target objectives are modelled after the UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water & Sanitation), 7 (Clean & Affordable Energy), 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production Patterns), and 13 (Climate Action), with deeply rooted principles of quality education and social equality.


Maxime offers support to individuals, social and environmental start-ups, for-profit businesses, as well as third sector organisations.

We believe that with The Climate Hackademy, we can trigger long-lasting change by empowering individuals, communities, and organisations economically through tackling social and environmental issues.


Our current project, The Climate Backp-hacker, is aiming to accomplish the ambitious goal of delivering 30 Hackathons in a total of 20 different countries for the 2030 Global Goals


He graduated with a MSc Environmental Technology (Business & Environment) from Imperial College London, and a BSc Oceanography from The University of Southampton, specialising in climate sciences and climate model simulations. Maxime has since gained social entrepreneurship experience through various ventures and programs all over the world, including UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden, US, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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