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Jarvis Smith is the lead singer/ songwriter for the rock reggae band ‘The Phoenix Rose’ and business leader.


He is well known for his entrepreneurial skills and and works as a consultant specialising in media with a focus on sustainable business and

lifestyle, ethical products, spirituality and change. Jarvis has extensive experience in PR, TV, magazine publishing, creating online media hubs, ethical awards and events, and other media products including websites and IPTV.

His achievements include founding GREEN magazine with National Geograhic, chairing the Friends of the Earth Event Gala Committee in 2012 and heading up the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement.) Awards, which have now entered their 6th year.

Jarvis is a co-founder, publishing consultant and contributing editor for PQ - the new GREEN magazine with the Guardian. Previously contracted to National Geographic Magazines, PQ is the largest sustainable business & lifestyle magazine in Europe with a readership of over 3 million.

He is an extremely talented networker with the ability to create and nurture relationships for the long-term with organisations from a variety of sectors.

Jarvis has a very strong track record in creating & closing advertising
and sponsorship deals within the publishing, events, awards and festivals arenas - and using this to enhance people’s undertstanding of the world’s most important environmental issues. 

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