Instigating long-term,

sustainable change

for our planet.

Ibex Earth, Sustainability Consultants


Ibex Earth is a not for profit sustainability consultancy. We connect cities and public sector bodies with leading academia, NGOs and private sector organisations to instigate long-term, sustainable change for our planet. To date, we have secured £48.6 million worth of funding to support our vision.


Our services range from developing our client's strategy on delivering and financing their net zero programmes or identifying how they can enhance their environmental performance. We have an international award winning CSR programme and our projects have even featured on the BBC.



We work to deliver projects that instigate long term, sustainable change for our planet.

Creating Sustainable


An initiative that has been designed to secure £100 million to deliver sustainable city projects.

Better Planet


Providing primary schools in the UK with free learning materials on environmental topics.


Net Zero


We are working with a number of local authorities and finance specialists to finance net zero investments,

Who we've worked with

Essex County Council Ibex Earth
Kent County Council Ibex Earth
Brighton and Hove City Council Ibex Earth
Cambridge City Council Ibex Earth
Imperial College London Ibex Earth
University of Portsmouth Ibex Earth
Ashden Ibex Earth
University of Greenwich Ibex Earth
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