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instigating long-term, sustainable

change for our planet.

Let's face it, there are lots of negative stories about the state of our planet. It paints a picture of doom and gloom but we want to change that.

Our World, Our Choice is an Ibex Earth initiative that sets out to raise awareness about all the positive action that is being delivered to tackle some of our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

It sets out to show that anyone can make an enormous difference and that there are some truly inspirational organisations and incredible individuals that are out there helping to deliver a sustainable future for us all.


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Combined our Influencers

have a social media outreach of well over ONE MILLION people, engaging a global audience on some of the most pressing environmental issues our planet is currently facing.

We work with a support 40 inspirational individuals to deliver projects that are helping to place our planet on a more sustainable path...

We run an active events programme at our fantastic partner venue Library, a private members club situated less than two minutes walk from Trafalgar Square. 

Prepare yourself for a series of exciting talks from some of the world's leading adventurers and scientists, influential corporate figures and stay tuned for some big news on a live music platform coming soon. 



It is amazing what can happen when you connect the right individuals or organisations. That is exactly what we want to do with Our World: Our Choice - bring those people together.

We are always looking for the chance to collaborate and connect with organisations from the private, public, third and academic sectors to help achieve our aims and deliver sustainable change for our planet. 

We like to develop projects that can reach a wide audience - our first project featured on BBC television and concluded with a sold out film premiere at the Royal Geographical Society introduced by the legendary Michael Palin. 

We have two flagship projects, the Green Square Mile and Creating Sustainable Cities - both set out to help create a more sustainable future, whether that is delivering global conservation or working across the UK's cities and towns.

Oh and we are involved in a really exciting school project with the Young People's Trust for the Environment.




About Us

Connecting cities, NGOs,

academia and the private sector to instigate long-term, sustainable

change for our planet.

Work with Us

Find out how you can work with us on projects ranging from sustainable cities, tackling global environmental issues or school engagement.

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