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Our services range from developing our client's strategy on delivering and financing their net zero programmes or identifying how they can enhance their environmental performance. We have an international award winning CSR programme and our projects have even featured on the BBC. And have secured £48.6 million through our Creating Sustainable Cities initiative.  



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We have specialised in supporting local authorities develop their strategic approach and responses to issues around the 'Climate Emergency', achieving net zero targets and building climate resilience across an urban landscape. We aim to put you in the best position to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges that your city or town may face.

We can work with you to develop and deliver your sustainability strategies, annual sustainability reports and instigate an employee engagement programme that creates a positive, feel-good factor around your efforts of becoming a more sustainable and environmentally positive organisation. 

We can help you to create and embed a Corporate Social Responsibility programme into your organisation's structure.  We work to deliver positive actions that pre-empt stakeholder need and demonstrate the value of supporting environmental improvements across your business.

We have a range of existing initiatives that you can sign up to, which include delivering free environmental education to over 20,000 primary schools in England, to helping protect some of our planet's most threatened habitats and endangered species.

We are also able to create and manage a bespoke CSR programme that best suits the needs of your staff and stakeholders. Whatever your CSR needs, we have you covered.

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While the process of putting together a consortium or making a funding application can seem daunting and often off-putting, a successful bid can bring enormous benefits to an organisation in terms of delivering 

new resources and enhancing capacity. 


Our work is simple. We take the hard-work out of developing a consortium and submitting bids, both domestically (Innovate UK, Big Lottery, Sport England) and European (the new tranche of Horizon 2020 funding that is available for applications from April 2021). Through Creating Sustainable Cities we have already secured £48.6 million.


We can support you in a variety of ways, including developing the initial bid concept and idea, through to a service that provides full bid submission. We can also offer project management and delivery once the bid has been successful.