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Jen Jones is a marine biologist and the Projects Manager for the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT). At the ageof eight, Jen set herself the humble mandate of doing something with her life that would help to change the world. Influenced by her heroes, Charles Darwin and Sir David Attenborough, her dream has always been to work in conservation particularly of the marine environment.

After graduating from the University of Southampton with a first class Master’s degree researching non-extractive management tools in salmon fisheries, Jen migrated upstream to London where she became an intern at GCT – the only UK charity dedicated solely to the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.

Just five years later, Jen now manages GCT’s entire project portfolio, working towards a holistic approach to conservation support for Galapagos through good quality science, effective education and community engagement.

One of Jen’s major passions is creating engaging science communications and promoting good quality environmental education. Since 2013, she has led GCT’s award winning Discovering Galapagos educational programme

from inception through to delivery in the UK and in Galapagos and mainland Ecuador (www.discoveringgalapagos.

From primary school children to Masters students and from city bankers to the tourism industry, she firmly believes that engaging our future global biodiversity ambassadors from all walks of life will be key to the future conservation of our planet and its resources.

Jen’s latest mission is to continue to strengthen partnerships with Galapagos stakeholders and make connections with other similar island networks 

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