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The Green Square Mile is an Ibex Earth led initiative that aims to explore the vital role that cities, corporations and financial institutions can play in helping to preserve global biodiversity.  


The focus of the initiative is to engage businesses and individuals based in and around the City of London in order to protect biodiversity hotspots around the globe that are equivalent in size to at least one square mile. 


It provides the opportunity for the City of London to demonstrate international leadership by establishing a series of 'Green Square Miles' across the globe that preserve threatened habitats and protect endangered species. 


The Green Square Mile works directly with some of the world’s leading conservation charities to develop exciting and engaging projects for participating businesses to support and play their part in helping to deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

Find out more about our Green Square Mile projects below or drop us an email at to discuss in more detail. 


Protecting Zanzibar’s Emerald Reef provides you with an amazing opportunity to support the world’s oldest international conservation charity - Fauna & Flora International - by establishing a Green Square Mile that will protect Pemba Island’s vulnerable marine habitats and help build capacity for future sustainable fisheries management. 


This Green Square Mile project sets out to protect the exceptional biodiversity of the Emerald Reef and support the use of non-destructive fishing techniques in local fishing grounds. Pemba Island in Zanzibar is an area of exceptional biodiversity. The surrounding waters host globally important marine habitats alongside populations of commercially valuable sailfish, black marlin, tuna and octopus. 


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya is renowned worldwide for its innovative and highly successful conservation work and Tusk has been a major partner from the outset. The Conservancy is a mosaic of grasslands, acacia groves and wetlands that lies in the shadow on Mount Kenya. Elephant and rhino populations thrive in a landscape where poaching has been eliminated. With your help we can keep it that way.

Funding the Lewa Green Square Mile will provide essential support for ranger patrols, wildlife monitoring, community outreach and education to ensure that the zero poaching rate is maintained and that the communities continue to benefit. Join us and become part of one of Africa’s most successful community conservation initiatives.


Launching later in 2017 an initiative to protect one of the world's rarest species of crocodile in the Philippines. The project is delivered by the incredible Synchronicity Earth, an NGO based in London. 




We are fortunate to be working directly with the UK based charity Helping Rhinos and you will soon be able to register your interest in helping them to protect one of Kenya's most beautiful wildlife conservancy's. 


Inspired by the Racer snake scene in the BBC's Planet Earth II we simply had to include a Galapagos project in the Green Square Mile. More details will be released in June about an initiative with the Galapagos Conservation Trust. 

Launching later in 2017 an initiative to protect one of the world's rarest species of crocodile with the incredible Synchronicity Earth.  

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