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George Hart is a polar adventurer and clean energy champion, dedicated to using his experiences to fire up young people and encourage them to step up and take responsibility in the fight against climate change. He has recently returned from an expedition to Antarctica, trekking, exploring, climbing frozen mountains, and collecting data for his next expedition. Despite being a self-professed lover of hot climes, George is returning to Antarctica next year ‘one last time’ to join Robert Swan, OBE, on his 600 mile walk across Antarctica to the South Pole. 


The South Pole Energy Challenge will be the first attempt ever made in history to walk to the South Pole surviving off just renewable energy, a topic that George is passionate about. They will man-haul sleds weighing 150 kilograms, in temperatures that can fall below -40 degrees Celcius, relying on a combination of solar energy and synthetic biofuels to keep them alive. The aim of the expedition will be to show the watching world that the technology for clean energy has arrived, and if it can be relied upon in the most difficult conditions known to man, then it can, and must, be implemented everywhere.


Growing up on an organic farm, George has always loved adventuring outdoors, and the chance to explore and fall in love with different areas of the wild. In between a Highland Quadrathlon and a training week in Svalbard, he is heading out to explore the old-growth forests of the Balkans, hoping to learn more about Europe’s remaining major fauna and what can be done to sustainably protect them. He is 24 and lives in London.

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