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Emily Bell was born in Chile during a curfew and an earthquake. Ever since, life has been anything but normal. From South America to Scotland, she spent her childhood building dens, rolling around in the mud and camping.

Her life has always been centred around animals and the outdoors.


In 2012, she supported Dave Cornthwaite by stand-up paddle boarding 1001 miles down the Lower Missouri – having never stand-up paddle boarded before. She spent 60 blissful nights sleeping on the banks of the river.


In 2013, Emily kayaked the length of Britain as crew captain on Sean Conway’s big swim. She spent 4 1/2 months running operations as well as kayaking the coast from England and Wales across to Ireland and back to

Scotland, through storms, darkness and the bitter cold. Prior to stepping in her kayak at Lands End, she had never kayaked before, let alone in the ocean!

Emily has a passion for the outdoors alongside years of experience across operations, production, publishing and project management. She has put this to great use by running operations for Pangaea Exploration, alongside Emily Penn, to enable scientists, filmmakers and everyday people to gain access to the most remote parts of our world.

In 2015, Emily was also involved in launching an exciting new project called Avaunt - a publication that is dedicated to adventure, innovation, nature, style and culture.


You can find out more by visiting www. 

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