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Dr Emma Camp is a marine scientist, award winning diver and photographer with a passion for conservation. Emma recently completed here Ph.D. at the University of Essex where she investigated the fundamental biology of coral species and how the data she collected could be used to inform and support management decisions for coral reef ecosystems that are threatened by ocean acidification. Emma is now a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Technology Sydney. 

Emma’s work has focused upon the impacts of climate change on coral reefs and marine ecosystems - this has provided her with the opportunity to explore and join expeditions at some of the most spectacular dive sites found on our planet - including Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Indonesia, the Seychelles and South Caicos.

Her research has already been published in numerous international journals and she has recently been awarded the prestigious Australian Government Department of Education and Training Endeavour Fellowship.


Emma is an experienced PADI Dive Master and has been awared the Graduate Scholorship in Marine Conservation by the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Emma is also talented underwater photographer whose work has been featured and published online by National Geographic. 

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