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Cassie’s yearning had always been to experience cultures and ecosystems from around the world. For college, she attended Long Island University in NY where she studied abroad in Costa Rica her first year. It was here that she honed in on her passion of Sustainable Tourism. After attending college in Vermont studying Environmental Studies, and at the age of 21, she launched her first business which enabled her to travel to 25 countries across 5 continents providing Sustainability Consulting services to luxury hotels. 


After landing a prestigious internship funded by USAID in the Bolivian Amazon, working with small eco tour companies, and living in DC working in sales and marketing, she decided to take a leap of faith with her career. Several months before her 25th birthday, she made the decision to travel to all countries of the world to become the first documented woman to do so, thereby setting a Guinness World Record and promoting Women’s Achievement and Peace.


Within 14 months, she had obtained the necessary funding through sponsors such as AIG, Air New Zealand, Krav Maga WorldWide, and a host of other sponsors, independent investors and donors that would fund her Expedition. She also obtained a solid group of supporters, and non profit endorsement from the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism and Skal International. Traveling as a Peace Ambassador for IIPT, Cassie is promoting Sustainable Tourism by planting trees with dignitaries and students. Adding to her sustainability message, Cassie is volunteering for an organization called Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, collecting water samples from our worlds waterways to then send to the lab to test for the presence of micro plastics.


Cassie is producing and filming an educational documentary set forth to release upon successful completion of Expedition 196. The film will focus on the importance of using regenerable tourism as a means of supporting local communities and as well as Women's Achievement. This message, she hopes, is what will inspire future generations to want to change the world; through crafting their career while keeping in mind the development of regenerative solutions to enhance our world.

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